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PG_Eurovean Armed Forces by DrunkenOracle PG_Eurovean Armed Forces by DrunkenOracle
While :iconbug-off:, :iconrottswitchbot: and Myself were working on the script for Issue 1 Bug raised the question "do the different parts of the Eurovean have differnt uniforms (like the police)?". So being the massive nerd i am, i offered to design some more uniforms for the different 'services' of the eurovean Empire.

Constables: Act as a police force to the general population. While part of the Eurovean military they lack the weaponry, armour and training of the other factions of the military. The Constables or "Shines" as they are commonly known (which is a insulting reference to all the brass buttons they wear on their uniforms) are little more than glorified bullies and corruption is common place.

Aeronauts: Those brave, or foolish as the case may be, men and women who pilot the light aircraft of the Eurovean empire. Dissidents call the Aeronauts 'Vultures' because of the beak-like face guard they wear.

Troopers: The back bone of the Eurovean military, the Troopers (or 'Tin Soldiers') act as the infantry for the Eurvean empire. They are amongst some of the best trained and well equipped soldiers the Proving Grounds has ever seen.

Praetorian Guard: The very best and brightest of the Troopers are recruited into the Praetorian Guard where they perform the illustrious duty of acting as the Emperor's personal guard.

Barrowlings: Because the demons of Ra have always been relatively few in number (as they are much less fertile then humans) they have traditionally used raised armies of human undead to exert their will in the Floating Islands. With the marriage of Gymultimar & Ra Shedmalka, the practice of raising undead armies was discontinued. However, the Emperor still allows his queen to maintain a honour guard of Barrowlings to see to her own safety and carry out her wishes.

Death Knights: While Barrowlings are formidable enough, there sometimes arises tasks to which servants of greater strength, intelliegnce, or resilience are required. To this end a Demon will take a barrowling and suit him in heavy armour, imbued with a number of protective spells and wards, and cast an enchantment that will allow a shade from the underworld to inhabit and control that body. The resulting being is a nearly unstoppable armoured engine of destruction filled with an alien intelligence and hate for the living.
Note: Added a second example to give you guys a better idea of just how individual each Death Knight is in appearance.

Academic Adept of Magic: Amongst the human population of the floating islands the ability to naturally weild magic is virtually unheard of with only 1 in a million being capable of doing so. These individuals are called 'Sorcerors'. The greater majority of human magic users must rely of the 'Vestmentai' and the training in their use to weild mana. The Vestmantai consist of 'Aether Googles' (which allow those wearing them to see the flow of mana), the 'Warp Manipulator Gauntlet' (which allows an adept to alter and shape the flow of mana in the sorounding area), and a 'Hex Projector Wand' (through which a adept may project gathered and shaped mana in the form of spells). While using the Vestmantai an normal human may gain some measure of magical ability they will never match the mastery, strength, or magical insight possible to a Sorceror.
Note: Credit for the design idea for the Adepts goes to :iconbug-off: whho manted some mages, sans robes, in armour.

Musican Troop: What victorian army would be complete with out a marching band to gallantly lead them into war? These guys may have nominal military training but can play the shit out of their respective instruments.
Note: Credit for both the idea and intial uniform design belong to :iconqueenbex: on this one.

Espionage Troop: The Spys of the Eurovean Empire are the eyes and the ears of the emperor. For more information on the spys go to the pages of their designer :iconrottswitchbot:, whose design i have ony drawn in my own style to add to this line up.

The Mechanasists: Behold the brave men and women who keep the mighty war machines of the empire functioning. While considered part of the Eurovean Military, the Mechanasists have no training in combat, indeed they are not even armed. However they knowledge in the maintenance and repair of the technology of the Eurovean Empire is second the none.
Note: These guys are another of :iconqueenbex:'s suggestions.

The Storm Guard: Long before Gymultimar was Emperor of a vast host that commanded the stolen technology of Ironforge and the Infernal magics of the Ra Empire, the cheif wepon of the Eurovean Empire were his Storm Guard. Each member of the Guard is a pure blood descendent of the mighty Skaal people, a race of pitiless raiders born to combat and legendary for their martial prowess and cruelty. Early in his conquests won the loyalty of the Skaal people by killing their king in duel. Since then the Storm Guard have acted as the Emperor's shock troopers, spear-heading his invasion of countless islands amongst vicious storms normally much too rough to fly in (a practice from which they take their current name). In fact in times past the Emperor himself often used Storm Guard as his personal guard. However, in recent times the Storm Guard have lost some of their esteemed status as the Emperor has granted greater status onto his new Daemon allies, the Dragon and it's minions, and the Inquisition. The final insult, as far as the Guard were concerned, occured when the Queen (a filithy member of a the Odd races herself!) convinced the Emperor to cease using the Storm Guard as his body guards and replace them with the Praetorians (who the Storm Guard regard a silk swaddled dandies). Still the Storm Guard retains the honor of being the first unit dropped into any conflict fought by the forces of the Eurovean Empire.

Assorted Clockwork Models
'Drudges': These hulking shambolic brutes are the muscles of the Red Dragon and carry out all the heavy manuel labouring tasks required by their mechanical mistress. Units of this model have little intelligence of their own and will blindly carry out instructs set for their by their masters.
'Opti-constructs': This model of clockwork is utilised by the Red Dragon when matters require her personal attention. These units posses sophisicated audio/visual recording equipment which when coupled with their ability to transmit all they see and/or hear allow the Dragon to keep her clawed talon on the pulse of the empire.
'Handmaidens': The Handmaidens are rarely found outside the Red Dragon's tower and act as her personal assistants& envoys. While their exact capabilities are unknown their do possess a level of intelligence, that may even constitute true artifical intellgence, that is all but unprecidented in other clockwork beings.
Note: The Handmaidens are based on a clockwork pictured with the Red Dragon drawn by her creater :iconlovgreno:, i just redrew her in my own style and added a bit of back story that seemed appropriate.

The Eurovean Sappers: These wonderfully designed guys belong to :iconlovgreno:. Essentially they are military specialists trained to deal with the unique threat of the 'Crawlers' a subterrianian species in the floating islands that is both savage and numerous. You can find more out about these guys here: [link]

Note: This is a WIP and i will add colours to this pick in the following week.
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QueenBex Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
loving the new additions, vastly seeing why the Eurovian Armed Forces are the best in the Floating Lands! :D
DrunkenOracle Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Queeny!
LovgrenO Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
The sappers are very badass.
DrunkenOracle Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What can i say, i had a great design to work with.
LovgrenO Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011
I like your handmaiden, it is certanly a improvement of my design.
DrunkenOracle Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dont think i changed anything i really love the handmaidens. I think they great looking characters.
QueenBex Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ingenious! My fav has to be the aeronauts, I'm loving the little explanations for each of them too, makes it more and more real :D
That Praetorian Guard is mighy fine too! oh their all so brilliant, (the barrowling is perfectly scary and yet organised!) :D
DrunkenOracle Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the kind words Queeny. The Praetorians are based off some old sketches i found of military units from the 16 & 17 hundreds. Once again any ideas you have for units you would like included please send them my way.
QueenBex Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
hmmm, the only things I can think of are cavalry troopers, and some kind of Fire Brigade. The Fire one I imagine in the under city will probably just be a bunch of trained ragamuffins, but above in the shiny city, I reckon they'd have some kind of sparkling uniform. There ya go :D
DrunkenOracle Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the way you think Queeny! I will sketch em up while drunk this evening.... Unless i get "brams & list" and pass out.
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